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Dope by Design is centered around Personal Development in the realm Love.

It is about finding and leaning in to the clarity that exists in all of us. 

It is gentle and loving direction in showing up for yourself with Love, taking an honest inventory of your beliefs and shifting your paradigm.

Get to know and love yourself, grow your Self Worth, learn how to zero in on and release your Limiting Beliefs, and get inspired to take focused action toward Loving your Life and your Self to the fullest EVERY day.

We see, feel and live in our physical body from the moment of our birth. We start listening to the voice of our Mind the moment we are aware it is there. Soon enough we fall prey to the illusion that the voice of our mind is the voice of our Soul.


It is easy to forget that we are SO MUCH MORE than just our bodies or our thoughts. 

We get lost in this illusion from a very young age. The conditioning of the environment we grow up in exacerbates this confusion. We then spend the rest of our lives trying to sort out WHO we really are.

  • Your Body is a Vehicle that is completely yours and perfectly unique to

  • Your Mind's purpose is to serve as a Means of Connection to the world and to each other.

  • Your Soul is the Essence of Who You Are. It is the living energetic force 
    inside you. It encompasses every last cell in your body and it is the
    Awareness behind the voice of your mind.


Understanding these aspects of the human experience is KEY in both our spiritual and our personal development journey.

Welcome, With Love !

| Health | Wellness | Spirituality | Energetics | Human Design | Peronal Developement | Self Love |

| Health | Wellness | Spirituality | Energetics | Human Design | Peronal Developement | Self Love |

Dope by Design = To be excellently designed for a specific purpose.


Dope : (slang) Adjective; excellent, great, impressive, very good.

Design : In reference to our complex human uniqueness that was naturally gifted to us from the Universe and planned with a specific purpose in mind, and in reference to the Human Design System.