Oh Hayyyy !!

My name is Astin and I am SO Excited that you have found your way to Dope By Design!!


I truly believe that Everything happens for a reason, including you finding your way here and reading this right now :)


Who Am I ?   Why Am I Here ?   What Is My Purpose ?   What Is My Truth ?


I vividly recall being both afraid and enticed by these questions of myself for the better part of the last three decades.


Well, I am THRILLED to say that it took me a lil while (Hello 30s) but I finally began to find the answers I was looking for, and better yet, I have completely FALLEN IN LOVE with them !!

The secret to my success has been a beautiful blend of perseverance, dedication, courage and a willingness to: A) Drastically change the trajectory of my life, and B) To learn to truly see myself with Love.


Unravelling these answers has been the most enlightening experience I have had in my life thus far and I know that one of my next assignments is to spread this Love of Self to as many humans as I can possibly touch. 


Your Self Worth is EVERYTHING. It affects EVERY aspect of your existence; your health, your finances, your relationships, your habits and your HAPPINESS are ALL rooted in your Self Worth.

Once you begin to understand Who You Are, Why You Are Here, Your Purpose, and Your Truth, it is literally impossible not to fall head over heels IN LOVE with All that You are

If this sounds crazy to you, You Need This <3


I Thank You for being here and for taking the time to read these words & let them sink in.

Your time to start may or may not be now.

Perhaps this is just a little seed of self love & worth being planted into your consciousness for the future, or maybe it is loving water for a seed that has already started to take root inside of you. 


Wherever you are in your journey is exactly where you are supposed to be.

The Universe has a plan for You and it is better than anything you could possibly imagine for yourself right now.

This I promise you.


With Love, 


Astin Leigh