Human Design Chart Readings 

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Human Design is a complex system brought to the world around 30 years ago, that maps out our potential for genetic expression. It is based on the time, date & place of an individual's birth.

Human Design gives you a practical “operation manual” of how to use your energy correctly, including a unique Strategy & Authority for you to navigate your life with. 

As you come to understand your design and begin to experiment with the information in your chart, the process of your "deconditioning" begins. 

Deconditioning can be looked at as the process of learning to abandon habitual modes of thinking that are not serving you in life. This is the process of letting go of the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, keeping you small, questioning yourself, or telling you who, what, where, when, and how you should or should not BE in life. 

Conditioning is a fact of life for all of us and it is not always a negative!!
Remembering and getting reconnected to WHO YOU ARE is the easiest way to let go of WHO YOU ARE NOT - along with any conditioning you have picked up along the way that is leading you to your Not-Self.

Whenever I am explaining anything Human Design to someone, I always use it as an opportunity to highlight and focus on what makes them special, what makes them powerful, and what makes them unique. 

I often find that focusing on a clients unique power, their gifts & strengths, quickly makes room for the challenges, weaknesses and self doubt to disappear or transmute without much effort. 

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