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Human Design is a system that was discovered around 30 years ago that maps out our potential for genetic expression. It is based on the time, date & place of an individual's birth.

Human Design gives you a practical “operation manual” of how to use your energy correctly, including a unique Strategy & Authority for you to navigate your life with. 

As you come to understand your design and begin to experiment with the information in your chart, the process of your deconditioning begins. 

Deconditioning can be looked at as the process of learning to abandon habitual modes of thinking that are not serving you in life. This is the process of letting go of the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, keeping you small, questioning yourself, or telling you who, what, where, when, and how you should or should not BE in life. 

There is an abundance of interesting and insightful information contained in a chart. In order to allow for enough time to thoroughly explain things to you, I have broken down my chart readings into three levels. 

Level 1

In the Level 1 reading we cover your TYPE, your AUTHORITY, and your PROFILE.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT information contained in your chart. 
Understanding, embracing and mastering these three parts of your chart are the first steps towards your Deconditioning process, to remembering Who You Are, and to letting go of who you THINK you should be. 

In this reading we go into great detail on 

  • How you are designed to move in this world

  • How your energetic aura works

  • How you are designed to exchange energy with others correctly

  • How your unique inner guidance system works and how to listen for it

  • How you see yourself

  • How you others see you

  • How you can maximize flow, opportunities & all the blessings that are yours in life


Level 2

In the Level 2 reading we get to look at a whole lot of really fun stuff!! These are my favourite readings to do with clients!!
Here we will cover your 9 Energy Centers, your active Gates & your defined Channels.

I basically get to remind you of all the unique gifts the Universe blessed you with in this life.
Most of us go through life with the conditioning that life is hard and success takes work; We are often taught that the things that come easy to us are not valuable or important.

This is SO FAR from the truth!! Sometimes all we need is a gentle reminder of the things we are here for, to help pull us out of feeling not good enough or of being stuck in a loop of not feeling valuable to the world or ourselves.

In this reading we go into great detail on

  • Your natural and inherent energies - which play out as your talents, gifts, and fears

  • A deeper look at who you are, how you connect, react, & communicate with others

  • Areas in life where you're energy is meant to be impacting others, aka conditioning others

  • Areas in life where your energy is more susceptible to conditioning from others 

If you would like to book a reading please feel free to contact me at OR you can reach me through IG or FB (links at bottom of page)

Foundation Chart Readings

Level 1  (Type & Strategy, Authority, Profile)      $180

Level 2  (Energy Centers, Gates, Channels)        $240  

Children 10 and Under                           $60


Want to dive deeper?
For those who have completed Level 1 & 2, or already have some basic understandings of the topics in either, you are welcome to book in for single sessions with me to dive deeper or for additional guidance. 


Single Sessions                     

30min   $60

60min   $110

90 min  $160


Small Group Sessions (2-4 people)

Book in with a couple of your besties, a partner, spouse, your brother or your sister!!  In these group sessions I will cover each of the clients charts in a group format, touching heavily on energy types, strategies & authorities, as well as going over how your charts will interact with each other energetically, and highlighting any thing of note or special reference. 

These are very fun and interactive, and they provide an AMAZING opportunity to learn about yourself and those close to you.

Group sessions allow you to really see how aspects in your chart play out between yourself and those closest to you. 

GROUP RATES (min 2-max 4)

        $60/hour per person

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