Desiring More... That's What You Are Here For!!

Ooooh it's been a Hot minute !!! What a busy year it has been !! Hope you all had an amazing summer 🙏🙏 I know I did. I'm just dropping back in with a quick Hello & maybe a thought or 2 on things. As listed in my bio, personal development is a big part of my life and something I love sharing about !! I am one of those people who is always reaching for more... More food, more cake, more cuddles, more fun, more love, more joy, more laughter, more money, more comfort, more space, more experience, more Life really. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WANTING MORE !!! AND THEN MORE AFTER THAT, AND MORE, AND MORE, AND MORE, AND SO ON. It does NOT have to stop. The Limit does NOT exist. You feel me? YOU, as the PERFECTLY DESIGNED creative being that you are on this earth, are FULLY ENTITLED to receive ALL that you desire in this life. We ARE Creators. This is why we are here on this planet, and in this universe that is constantly expanding whether we choose to or not. We are all here solely to create, to connect, and to elevate ourselves and to elevate our world, over and over and over again. CREATORS ARE BUILT TO WANT MORE.... if they weren't there would be no purpose for them to create anything at all lol. Follow your heart. Follow your truth. Learn to listen to the inner authority inside of you, the one we ALL have with us at all times. It IS guiding you whether you know it or not. It knows the path you chose before you were even conceived and it knows exactly where you need to go. Listen to it, especially when your mind is trying to convince you otherwise. Till next time Lovelies !!! With Love & Light Astin ❤️

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