GOOOOODO MORNING & Happy Saturday YALLLL!!! March 13, 2021. damn the year is flying.

I've been slacking on this blog ... derp.

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I Woke Up This Morning Feeling Noticeably Lighter

According to my tracking of my emotional state the last few months, I’ve just come out of the deeper (aka low) part of my emotional wave. I was expecting this shift to happen over night, so you can imagine the smile on my face this morning when my prediction came true.

I noticed it by the FIRST thoughts to pop into my head when I started to wake up…. They were about human design LOL and the things I was studying before I went to bed last night. They were light and airy AF. I smiled before I even opened my eyes.

For the last 8 days however, my first rousing thoughts, every single morning, have not been so pleasant… For the last 8 days, when I wake up at the crack ass of dawn, my mind jumps immediately and like balls deep into mulling over one stressful thing after the next. For the last 8 days I have legit witnessed my body’s nearly instant stress response, TO MY THOUGHTS, whilst still laying in bed, every morning lol For the last 8 days I have watched a pile of bags, books, laundry and whatever other things slowly take over now 3/4’s of the real estate of my king sized bed.

I experience this deeper feeling state cyclically and it lasts for about 8 days out of every 28 days… like clock work.

8 days is a long time.

Long enough to freak you tf out if you’re not aware it’s NORMAL for you!!!

I can’t tell you how relieved I feel now KNOWING it’s coming. KNOWING it’s a thing. KNOWING it’s just a part of how I am designed. KNOWING it’s OKAY & NORMAL. KNOWING it’s my deepest awareness. And especially, KNOWING it will pass.

I’ve come to learn that the deep/low/down part of the wave is not bad. It is not a curse, it is not a problem to be solved, or even a state to push away. It is a gift to be able to see life through this deep level of emotional awareness. It is a time to pull back, to conserve energy, to let yourself really feel things out.

It is a time to get back into alignment.


For me personally I feel this is my 59-6 at play.

I have a few friends, men and women, with this channel, and my observation so far notes that I might not be the only one on the 28 day cycle I’m talking about here lol.

That is all for now <3

If this Resonates with you, I invite you to share your thoughts or experience.



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