Hug an Angry Man and You Will See He Is Crying

This quote is a book title

One that I haven’t read yet but intend to

Many if not most men experience so much conditioning around suppressing their emotions from a very young age.

As a result, anger is the only way they know how to express difficult emotions.

**Remember imma 2/4 with personal karma SOOOOO even tho this post is about mens mental health, I still like to focus on myself more than anything lol**

It’s always a joy meeting men who are curious and open to chat about things below surface level.

I feel like my life has blessed me with a significant amount of these kinds of interactions in general… definitely more than average lady for sure, as if there’s an average for that in this limitless Universe lol

But for real, I was raised mostly by my dad, and around a lot more men than women. Growing up I had more guy friends than girl friends from the beginning, and yes, I was a total tom boy too lol�Overall in life personally, I feel quite comfortable with and not threatened by men at all. I know this is NOT normal for most women in the world today or in history.

Anywho, I am so stoked to have a tool like HD in my pocket nowadays.

A perfectly designed language (or could we say dialect of language maybe?) with which to communicate information and awareness in a truly pure way.

I’ve always had a knack for open and vulnerable conversations with others with my 59-6 channel, but HD has given them wings lol.

It allows me dig in to strong opinions and points of view with others, individual and societal, in an impersonal way, and the ability to both see and reframe perspectives and beliefs from a constantly expanding awareness.

I can’t tell you how many amazing weird, deep, sensitive and vulnerable conversations I have been able to have over the last couple years, with all kinds of men that I have crossed paths with, from all walks of life.

HD gives me SO much more to work with and to see with, so much more room to move around and talk about potentially threatening things in a non threatening way.

I appreciate a certain kind of connection every time a man opens up to me and allows himself to be vulnerable in the moment.

I know how powerful my own vulnerability is, and how expanding it can be for myself and in turn others

It feels satisfying to be able to open the door for it and support it in others as much as I can.


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