Limiting Belief Systems, Abundance Blocks & EMDR Therapy

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Wrapped up my 6 weeks of EMDR therapy this week.

Excuse me while I go heal the hole in my wallet now lol.

Ahh it was worth it tho.

What a trip.

I decided for my last 2 visits to take it to something (I assumed) was a lillll bit lighter than all the infancy/childhood work we had been doing previously. I wanted to see what kind of stuff my subconscious mind had taken on and adopted as deep-seated beliefs around money, wealth, success, earning, spending, saving, etc etc.

This is something I’ve been low key working through for yeaaaars in my own personal development journey, so I was very excited to take it through the EMDR process and see what would come up for me.

These beliefs and memories I went looking for are often referred to as Limiting Belief Systems… I’ve also seen the term Abundance Blocks be used same same.

Basically the beliefs you have, that you have created or accepted throughout your life, are what dictates your reality in the Now.

Pretty much, who we are in the Now and our life as we know it in the Now, is a direct result of these beliefs.

I believe you can have ANYTHING you want in life, in an instant, IF you can believe it is yours. But ultimately, it’s your level of belief that determines what comes through and what hasn’t yet.I have come across many ways over the years to get access to and be able to play with, change, and reframe my beliefs.

This is work that can so easily change everything for you, potentially in an instant even, but it is Work for sure.And the kicker is, the work NEVER ends. Never. Ever ever till you die really.

There is ALWAYS a next level to ascend to, there is always a higher version of you waiting to evolve, there is always something better to reach for in this beautiful world of ours.We do not stop growing, expanding, and evolving until we’re dead.

So anywho, EMDR + belief systems around money = good call. I learned a Lot. I am finally able to see where the deeeeeep down beliefs really grabbed hold of my wee little mind, and not just what they were but where they came from.

And now, because I have that awareness in myself, I can much more easily catch and dismiss them one by one as they show up in my day to day life today in the Now.

Oh what a fun and interesting process it has been ❤

XO Astin

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