THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS of Human Design when you are just getting into the Rabbit Hole

The Human Design System is a VERY expansive, detailed, all encompassing synthesis of a whooooole lotta shit LOL for lack of a better word.

Basically, Don't expect yourself to understand all that much when you first get in to HD.

It's a LOT. Like a lot a lot a lot. It comes with a whole new lexicon of terminology specific to HD, including oodles and oodles of condensed AF Keynotes & Words that summarize vast topics and much information. Honestly, if it doesn't seem like you might almost be reading another language when you start looking up things about HD then that's GREAT, but rare in my experience haha.

Most of us, however, really need to take our time with it, play with it, and just generally be exposed to it quite a bit before the bigger picture really starts to take shape for us.

One tiny little sign, number or line on your chart can tell you sooooo much about Who You Are, it is quite mind boggling. It is a rabbit hole into an underground labarynth that literally never ends.

The most important things to remember and really understand about YOUR design are your Strategy (based on your Type) and your Authority (check your chart).

Often also shortened to S&A or S/A. Fyi. 🔑🔑🔑 THESE ARE KEY 🔑🔑🔑

--Strategies by Type-- Manifestors - To Inform Projectors - Wait To Be Invited Generators - Wait To Respond Manifesting Generators - Wait To Respond, THEN Inform Reflectors - Wait for a Lunar Cycle (yup, 29 days)

Everything else contained in your chart is WILDY interesting and potentially VERY helpful information, BUT if you don't understand and MOVE through life according to YOUR Strategy and Authority then there is a pretty solid chance you are going to struggle with a life full of either Bitterness (Projectors), Frustration (Generators & MGs), Anger (Manifestors & MGs), or Disappointment (Reflectors).

SO !!! That all being said, IF you come across things on your HD Journey that are totalllllly over your head, I just want you to know you really don't need to worry too much !!

It takes a whopping 7 years of working with your S&A to fully decondition your mind/body... So you definitely have lots of time to take things in, and definitely don't need to stress yourself out over what you do or don't understand yet 😁😁

My best advice is to just Keep on listening, watching and absorbing, and know that in time you will have collected AND CONNECTED enough of the puzzle pieces to start to see the picture of your chart in full 4D detail. (Yes 4D.... because this stuff is DEFINITELY outside of our 3D world LOL)

Happy Learning Y'all <3

Much Love,

Astin P.S. !! Here's a great podcast episode I came across recently that just goes IN on the 5 Different Types. Definitely recommend checking it out !!


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