You're Designed for it.

The way I understand it,

As we move through the world we are always receiving pressure from/being influenced by our environment

In Human Design this is a force we call Conditioning.

We exist in a universe of neutrinos and are collectively within a continuously changing stream at any given time.

The neutrinos are what influence and shape our completely unique and differentiated designs.

They are the force that flavours our experience collectively while stimulating each of us both individually and differently.

Outside of the ever present collective or universal conditioning, we are also conditioned by each and every energetic and living being that we connect with physically or even non physically.

A connection is a connection.

This includes people, animals, plants and even bugs if you really want to get down to it.

The defined and undefined parts of your chart give you incredibly clear insight into how YOU will experience the conditioning (pressure^) that YOU receive in this life.

Insight can change your perspective and perspective can change everything. Each of us is perfectly designed for a life of flow, purpose, passion, expansion, and evolution of consciousness.

The way you feel and experience life is purposeful.

It IS by design.

Every gift has its shadow.

This is duality.

Discovering the dualities of each aspect of your design is a beautiful way to expand your self awareness, understand your shadows, and avoid getting in your own way.

The perspective of duality illuminates how to move towards a more healthy, comfortable, and powerful balance, with acceptance, compassion and awareness.

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